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By | January 7, 2018

Tips for Designing Healthy Food Logos

When you build your brand, you will be showing the public the type of business that you are running and how your product will help them. Purpose and product are both under branding. When you want to write about healthy food, you need to have more than just loving good food. Branding is not an easy road to take. You should, however, expect to enjoy designing a logo for your brand. A logo is the most recognizable part of your business. Many people are competing in making logo designs. These are the ways in which you can design the best healthy food logo.

Your competitors should enlighten you up on how a good logo should look like. The logo should be easy to identify on their page. The logos for healthy food might have some shape or a hint in cooking.

You need to suggest the design that your logo should have after seeing what your competitors are using. Make sure that you have put what you are thinking on paper. After putting down all the sketches, choose which ones are good and which ones are bad. The one or two remaining designs should be the one that you should focus working on.

In case you are not able to pick the few logo ideas that you need to work on, ask yourself what will represent your values and your writing style. It is good to align your brand’s personality with the logo making process.

Various shapes should be incorporated into your logo design. By this time, you have already settled on the idea that you are going to work on and put it down on paper. Next, you need to take your thoughts from paper to program to make your logo idea practical. Shapes act as a representation or a symbol in a healthy food logo. Make sure that your logo is not dominated with one shape. A circle represents strong emotional influences such as raising community. The straight edges of squares and triangles represent stability and feasibility. Triangles are associated with power and masculinity.

Letters should also be incorporated in the logo. The public will be moved more by the logo when letters and shapes are used together. It is normal for women to be attracted to curves. Men prefer bold lettering. If you want to stay gender neutral, try an angular typeface with subtle curves.

Make sure that you do a scale plan on the shapes and letters incorporated in the logo. Know that you will be playing with different logo sizes that will fit on the various medium that the logo will be used.

You also need to choose your colors well. The best logos begin with black and white.

You also need to ask yourself whether the logo can adapt well with different mediums.