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By | January 7, 2018

Advantages of Bamboo Toothbrushes

Making a decision to live natural lifestyle additionally indicates pledging goodness for earth as well as safety for you as well as your family. One simple way that you may do is to switch to products that are deemed to be environmentally friendly and safe to use by people including bamboo toothbrushes.

In comparison to the toothbrushes that are for sale in the market, this is exactly the opposite of it. It is because of the reason that unlike the mainstream products, these toothbrushes are not using any synthetic materials like plastic etc. rather, it uses sustainable materials. This is made from biodegradable bamboo making this toothbrush eco-friendly and of high quality as well. The toothbrush is also capable of providing outstanding oral health as it uses nylon bristles to massage both the teeth and gums and at the same time, it is water resistant and is naturally antimicrobial.

You might be puzzled to why you should consider switching from bamboo toothbrushes. We are using today the same and unhealthy plastic toothbrush to brush our teeth; now try to multiply that to the number of people across the planet. What we frequently disregard on this concern is that, each and every one of us buys different toothbrushes in a full year which is if combined will lead to million tons of waste that fill the ocean and landfill. When compared to bamboo toothbrushes, it lets you contribute your own small ways in dealing with plastic toothbrushes as it is natural and biodegradable.

Aside from that, there are various benefits that you can get by switching to this piece of material.

Number 1. Using organically grown bamboo – this toothbrush uses only naturally grown bamboo meaning, it’s free from chemicals or pesticides. Aside from that, to maintain its silkiness and dryness, it’s coated with natural wax.

Number 2. Sustainable – bamboo is harvested sustainably and at the same time, so long as it is in its optimal condition, it can grow to around 4ft per day.

Number 3. Biodegradable handles – there’s nothing that you’ve got to worry about bamboo toothbrushes that it will not rot and contribute to filling our landfill; this is because its handle is biodegradable too. You can recycle its bristles literally and throw the handle into compost pile where it naturally decomposes.

Number 4. It is antimicrobial – whether you believe it or not, bamboo is antimicrobial which is the exact same reason why it is used as the primary material for making cutting boards too. Theoretically speaking, what this mean is that you won’t have to worry about any bacteria breeding and growing to the bamboo toothbrushes.