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By | January 7, 2018

A Helpful Guide on Creating a Working Church Website

To satisfy your spiritual needs, it is very important that you go to church and that you listen to a pastor’s preaching. This is why it is very sad to know that there is a significant decline on church attendance for the past 10 years. The youth or young adults are a big part of this decline. If you would like to get these young adults back on the right track, you have to reach out to them in a way that their generation cannot take you for granted. This is why your church needs it’s own working website.

In this article, allow me to share with you some few tips that you may use as your guide when creating a functional and appealing website for your church.

1. Plan everything first.

Developing a strategic plan is the very first step you need to do when creating a website for your church. Aside from the fact that a church website must be informative, it must also focus on capturing the interest of new members. Include retaining your old members on your strategic plan.

2. Always include your church’s contact details.

Keep in mind that a stunning and appealing website is useless if you do not include any contact details. It pays to check if you have successfully posted your church’s contact details on your website. This will allow all your visitors to easily contact you or your church in case they need assistance/ help.

3. Why not make your church website mobile friendly?

Now that we are already in the 21st century and most people already own smartphones, why not make your church website mobile friendly? Statistics show that more than half of all internet consumption worldwide comes from smartphones- your church organization will definitely grow with the help of a mobile friendly website. It will be very easy for you to gain new visitors and new members.

4. You need to diversify the content of your website.

Last but certainly not the least, you have to diversify the content of your website. Posting photos, audio, and even videos related to your church organization is a good way to keep your viewers engaged. When you do this, the rank of your church website will improve.

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