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By | January 7, 2018

How to Make a Good Sitemap Design

If you are creating a website or simply redesigning your current one, you have to make sure to create a sitemap which is very important for it. If you have no idea what a sitemap is, it is simply a list of your web pages. Sitemaps can be as simple as a test list of webpages and as structured and contributes positively to overall site planning and gives a better experience to site visitors.

When setting up your sitemap, there are some things that you need to consider which you will find below.

One way of creating a sitemap is by doing it manually or if you want a hassle-free process, then you can use tools such as Slickplan. Sitemaps can be designed in many ways like for some website owners they prefer a sitemap where there webpages are listed alphabetically and there are some that want theirs to be categorized.

Your niche, the amount of content you plan to add, and how user-friendly you want your site to be, affects the design of your sitemap.

Web crawlers can crawl from your homepage down to the pages in your sitemap’s listing so that they can go through every page. Your pages will not be included in search engine page rankings if spiders don’t crawl some of your pages. So to get those search engine top rankings make sure your homepage is linked to your sitemap.

If can be disadvantageous if there are too many pages in your sitemap. Search engines might think that your site is a link farm and might penalize your site and banish it.

You need to check all your links to make sure that nothing is broken since your visitors will get annoyed seeing a 404 in a particular link that supposedly contains information that they are looking for. This will not happen if all your links go to the pages that they are supposed to go to.

You want to have good rankings for your website, so for SEO purposes, your titles should be keyword rich. It is also important that short descriptions are included in your sitemap links. When you do this, your visitors will have an easier time looking for specific information about products they are interested in.

Make sure that your sitemap has a cohesive design that it relates to other pages in your site. Use the same HTML template and make sure that everything is united and consistent for all the design elements of your website.

With a well designed sitemap, you can be sure that your visitors will have ease of use on your site and webpages. Just follow what is given above so that you can create a good sitemap for your website.