Wellness Tips for The Average Joe

By | January 7, 2018

Things to Do to Stay Loyal to Your Health Goals

Whenever you set goals, you usually are hopeful that you will achieve them in the end. But what makes you relapse on your new changes and resume the bad old ways you were trying to say goodbye to? A lot of that answer has to do with your mannerisms and here are a few tips on how to make sure you stay loyal to your health goals this time.

Set out a health plan of what you want to achieve. Set a straightforward goal and say, for instance, I would like to shed three kgs within a month if you are interested in losing weight. Whatever your plan is, let it have a timeline against which you will measure your progress to keep yourself motivated and your measures effective. Make sure that your goals are accurate and you can start off with small goals and make them more prominent as you achieve each. This will make you feel like an achiever and encourage you to exceed previous targets each time you set goals.

Keep a food diary to guide your diets. Pay attention to the food items that you do not wish to include in your menus anymore and those you hope to increase in your diet plan. Develop a food schedule that directs you on which nutrients to eat every day and ensure that you avail the food items every time to avoid missing a scheduled diet plan. To keep things interesting, write up the diary each week or repeat it every other week till the end of the project if it is comfortable for you that way. One other thing you can do is to include a tiny portion of those things you are trying to avoid once a week to prevent overly craving for them and relapsing. With time, you will find yourself in more control over those food items and won’t need to eat them frequently.

Your most significant challenge will be sticking to the program, but you have to keep going. You will definitely feel a change in your life after a few days and might want to go back to the old ways. When this happens, remind yourself about your goals and keep going regardless the urge to stop. After a few weeks into your program, you will find your new ways easier to follow.

Surround yourself with people who support you on your journey. Associate with other people who are on similar journeys or seek assistance from nutrition advisers to motivate yourself during your journey. If you have supportive friends and family, tell them about your plans so that they can help to keep you motivated. One of the ways how they can assist you is by not influencing you to fall back on your plans with unhealthy diets. In fact, invite them for a homemade meal made by you whenever they ask you to join them to eat out because the temptations to eat unhealthy foods will be high, and that can ruin your plan.